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Aug. 2nd, 2011 01:24 am
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Player Name: Steam
Personal LJ: Steamrollerssol
AIM Contact: wyverncakes
Character Name: Julia Richardson aka Reilev Kidoreaon
Source Canon: Astral Frontier (OC)
Community Tag: Julia Richardson

Notes: (While this is positioned at the top of the app for our convenience, feel free to add things to it as you go along.)

Background: Prior to the Second Impact, the Earth Sphere had begun to slowly expand itself, reaching further and further into space with clusters of colonies used as stepping stones meant for a much larger network. The last of these clusters created before the ensuing wars and resource droughts killed all serious energy put into the project was the LS Colonies, located approximately three million kilometers from the Earth. The distance from Earth, difficulty for supplies to be acquired, and the danger of pirates so far away from any standing police force all had significant effects on the region, where the government and scientific officials agreed to focus their efforts on a utilitarian means of defense and transport.

For this purpose, railguns quickly became the order of the day, and development of them soon outstripped most other regions in the Earth Sphere still developing weapons, though at the cost of drastically falling behind when it came to most other weapons. A railgun round could carry a greater force than a missile and at a fraction of the resources and storage needed, and likewise would not be stopped by that beam laminated equipment that was quickly becoming all the rage. There were still places for these weapons, naturally, and missiles were retooled mainly for defense, as distraction measures, chaffs, and very rarely meant to be outfitted with warheads. Likewise, beam weaponry was treated more as a more artillery-based weapon; powerful, but large and cumbersome for grunt mechs to use and only used to a limited degree on capital ships. With energy and missile-based weaponry still in use but in such a way that they did not need constant upgrades and improvements, focus could be put on railguns and not just for combat purposes.

A railgun could propel an unmanned cargo craft at tremendous speeds, enough that no bandit with second-hand equipment could hope to capture. Likewise, "stopping fields" were set up in the LS colonies at key spots for the carriers to be recovered at. The end result was that the LS colonies, though not particularly more advanced than any other region in space, was able to endure the realities of life that followed after Second Impact. And at no other point was this more true than 4 AI when the region came under attack from an alien armada sent from the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. A part of the military of the budding Irgelion Empire, the military intended to use coercion to force civilizations to accept them, ignoring population centers and instead targeting governing bodies and resource-heavy areas. Not really expecting much opposition from a civilization who suffered from nearly complete destruction only four years beforehand, the armada was quickly beset by the military forces of the LS colonies and other Earth Sphere regions. Lacking the numbers and (much to their horror) firepower necessary to score a decisive victory, battles between outlying Spacenoid militias and militaries and the Irgelion armada grew to become a war of attrition, one the aliens were doomed to eventually lose.

The Irgelion campaign came to an abrupt end in the midst of the last, and most hectic battle between their forces and the amassed mobile suits and other machines thrown against them. Perhaps by fate or just a grave miscalculation, the Irgelion flagship came under fire, with much of its bridge staff killed before support craft could take the pressure off. One of the few survivors though, a mere bridge bunny, took it upon himself to order a surrender in light of the admiral's death. This moment marked the end of the Irgelion campaign into our solar system, and negotiations were quickly begun. Said bridge bunny quickly found himself near the center of it all, eventually succeeding in forming an agreement that would let the Irgelion's return home as a show of good faith, along with a promise to never attack the human race again. Although most of the Irgelions left, a select few stayed for various reasons. The bridge bunny was one of them, hoping that in a backwoods patch he and his family would live a better life than he would back home. After all, he was the sole individual responsible for the surrender of the armada.

The remaining Irgelions earned their right to stay by pledging themselves to the reconstruction effort.  Their improved muscle memory enabled them to quickly learn basic labor skills to speed up the process, and soon enough that and a committed PR movement to ease relations between the remaining Irgelions and humans in space to the point that they were at least tolerated in most of the more outlying regions where their efforts in reconstruction were most evident.

As for the Irgelion who was responsbile for the surrender, he adopteda human name and eventually settling with his family in the Seattle colony of the LS cluster.  The Kidoreaon family, now more commonly going by the name Richardson  faced prejudice and paranoiaike any other group of Irgelions, but at the same time the reputation of Julia's father as the man who ended the war helped them out a great deal.  Before long, the family was just another one on the colony, with Reilev, or Julia as she was now more commonly known, making friends, going to school, and being nearly indistinguishable from an ordinary human girl.   She never tried to hide the fact she was an Irgelion but at the same time she thought of the Seattle colony as her home, and the friends she'd made there genuine ones.

Approximately one year ago, however, Julia was confronted by a number of officials of the premiere weapons developer in the LS cluster, Herrera Futuristics who offered her a career as a public face for the company. The founder, Bertrand Herrera, was actually an old inhabitant of the Seattle colony in the early days following the war.  During his stay in the Seattle colony something awoke in him as he saw the pride that people put in the reconstruction effort and resolved to do what he could to keep that desire for growth and rebirth going. Eventually Bertrand left the colony and vowed to create a company, even in one of the farthest corners of the Earth Sphere, to help humanity continue to grow and recover from Second Impact. He had plans, plans of seeing his company begin an ambitious, deep-space exploration and colonization program, and to see it fulfilled he requested Julia's help. She would out herself as an Irgelion, with Bertrand banking (correctly) that her life on the Seattle colony would prevent anyone gunning for her. From this point on, she was to become a symbol for Herrera Futuristics, a friendly face from deep space that could laugh, smile, and be just as normal as any human. She became a symbol that those who would explore deep space would not find enemies, but instead friends, and along the way also show off the array of weapons that Herrera Futuristics produced.

Although initially unsure it would all work out, Julia was very relieved to see that it did, and her friends did not turn their back on her after she outed herself. She worked hard, learning to pilot a propaganda model of Herrera Futuristics's upcoming Prominence Armor, the Corona, so that she could show how it performed during stage presentations and exhibitions, oblivious of those that wished to see her and the deep space program discredited.

Personality: If there's one word that best describes how Julia lives her life, it's earnest.  Being only five years old when her father issued the surrender of the Irgelion fleet, Julia had only limited experience interacting with other Irgelions and most of those were kids of her own age.  Thus, when she ended up on the Seattle colony, she was really more concerned with trying to make friends and meet new people than constantly compare everything there to Irgelion culture.  With her ever-present good nature and a smile on her face she had no trouble with any of that, and she considers herself just as much a human as an Irgelion.  Reilev or Julia, she'll respond to both names interchangeably.

Her earnest behavior has another reason behind it too.  Since Irgelion muscle memory is noticeably superior to a human's, it makes teaching the body variants to something it already knows all the more difficult and working flaws out of one's form a nightmare the longer it goes unnoticed.  Although she's not necessarily a Type A kind of person, Julia does do what she can to avoid that, and tries not to let it get her down.  For the most cast, it won't... except when it's holding up other people.  As far as Julia's concerned, it means she wasn't working as hard and smart as she should have, even if it was something she couldn't have possibly predicted.

In spite of this habit of drilling, Julia is not a very stiff or military-minded girl.  Although her father was in the Irgelion navy, it was more for his own sake of personal pride due to a relative of theirs having gone down in the records as a deserter and although she does pilot a Prominence Armor for Herrera Futuristics, she only does it for demonstrations or public relations gigs.  In the face of real combat, at least at first, she's going to seize up.  The closest equivalent she'll have at that point is just mock-battles she did which, although they'd look real enough to the untrained eye, would still have safety measures in place.

That said, Julia is not whiny and nor is she a coward.  For an ideal or for people she cares about she'll risk everything on the battlefield and, although she'd rather not go so far as to kill someone, she can live with herself if she does.  She's green but not stupid or overly critical of herself (except in the situation mentioned previously), and will do what she has to to stay alive and so the people she's with can stay alive.

Capabilities and Resources: For the most part, Julia is a fairly normal person with normal limits, no stronger or faster than a girl of her age and stature has any right to be.  However, Irgelion physiology does have some deviations from normal human physiology.  For one, Irgelions have a somewhat faster metabolism necessitating that she eat four meals a day or at least regularly snacks in between the normal three.  However, the most notable difference is that Irgelion muscle memory is also much sharper than a human's, enabling them to learn actions, on average, faster than a human can.  This is a very helpful factor for Julia early on, where her mind is not properly conditioned for battle but her body remembers what she would always do in her exhibitions.  However, this comes at a cost later on down the road: it's easy for an Irgelion to learn something new, but it's conversely much harder for them to discard and replace those lessons with new ones without rigorous drilling to work the old habits out of their muscles.  This also means any mistakes in their form are that much harder to work out too.

Aside her physiological differences, Julia is also a fairly good public speaker due to her job as a mascot for Herrera Futuristics.

Robot Name: HK-1138' Corona
Robot Description: The HK-1138' Corona, more commonly referred to as the propaganda model, is a fifteen-meter-tall mobile suit-like Prominence Armor painted magenta and  based on the upcoming and most highly-advanced Prominence Armor to date, the HK-1138 Corona.  At a glance, the two machines are practically identical, with an set of downward-facing missile tubes located on both sides of their backs, a laser array built into their chests, and additional layers of armor mounted on their lower legs that can open up to reveal thrusters used for maneuvering.

However, this is where the similarities end, the propaganda model never actually being meant for combat.  Being produced to build up hype for the real Corona, it is also inferior across the board in terms of specs.  While its leg thrusters do a fairly decent job in flight, in an atmosphere they can only enable short-term hovering, and not very speedy hovering either.  Its missile tubes are actually designed to house fireworks rather than actual defensive missiles, and its laser cannon does nothing more than make a very bright but otherwise harmless burst of energy right in front of it.  The burst is actually fairly decent for blinding enemies, but that's about it.

At the start of her canon, Julia is actually using a high-frequency spear for an exhibition, but when things quickly start to turn sour she makes her first priorities to be find actual weapons that can keep her alive.  She ends up finding a beam rifle hand-carried railgun and a high-frequency sword with microwave emitters lining both sides, more commonly known as an HFM Blade.  The microwave radiation from the emitters only travels a very short distance from the blade before harmlessly dissipating, but it does effectively sheathe the blade so it can block energy-based melee weapons like beam sabers.  It also does quite the nasty number on any machine it were to stab.  The railgun also has two settings;  where the rounds either break apart after firing (to devastate "soft" targets) or they don't (meant for single, more sturdy targets). These two weapons are very much Julia's bread and butter before she gets her upgrade

Terrain Stats:
Land:  A
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: A

Upgrades: The HK-1138 Corona
Robot Description: After a point in the story, Julia acquires the first (and only) combat-model Corona made, which drastically improves her chances in battle by being a superior machine in every regard.  Faster, with actual weapons built into it this time, and just as capable of fighting in the air as it is in space or on the ground, it is a machine she earns the right to use after proving how dangerous even a propaganda model can be.  The only visual distinctions between it and the propaganda model is a collection of black Tron lines over the machine's body.

Unlike the propaganda model, the combat model's leg thrusters provide a noticeably greater and better-regulated thrust.  The effects help a bit in space, but in an atmosphere they let the Corona keep up with dedicated flyers.  Its chest-mounted laser is also fully-functioning, and rather than merely disorient close enemies the cannon packs a devastating punch behind it, enabling the Corona to disable even smaller capital ships with a lucky shot from outside the range of its other weapons.  However, the cannon does have a tremendous drain on the machine's power, robbing it of its more energy-based weaponry (as well as deactivating the microwave emitters on its sword) until a decent charge is recovered.  Lastly, the missile tubes on the Corona's back are outfitted and prepped for any sort of missile that can be fitted inside, although they're primarily used as chaffs to throw off enemy targeting.

Rounding out the upgrade is an experimental railgun developed specifically for the Corona; the first every fully automatic railgun.  Though good trigger discipline is required to use the weapon effectively, lest one waste all the ammo, it is very much an improvement over the railgun Julia used previously.

Terrain Stats:
Land:  A
Air: A
Sea: C
Space: S

Job: At the start of the story, Julia is simply a mascot and pilot for Herrera Futuristics.  However, after she's handed off to the White Chalice she's very much a free agent, and could work for the ship as a public face for it, liason, or even just a morale officer.

Suggested Event List: To be sent to the moderators along with notes about the enemies.

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